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After all, the presumably best braves of their tribe have been soundly clobbered three times in a row now, twice by the California medicine man and once by a fellow who acts and orates like an escapee from Watership Down.
It says the EU shall in future have ``legal personality'' and incorp orates a legally-binding Charter of Fundamental Rights, inc luding labour and social policies.
Happiness is a triumph of twisted rhetoric: it orates amorality, a vacuum nature loves, and the style of oration is chipper, sometimes halting, often Sophoclean.
In t his region t he hospital trusts which can apply are Aintree, which inc ludes Walton and Fazakerley, East Cheshire, which incorp orates Knutsfo rd, Macclesfield and Cong leton, the Countess of Chester and Wirral.
Most of the business activities in the Sultanate were focused in the Governorate of Muscat 34.3%, followed by the Governorate of North Al Batinah 15.6% and the Govern orate of Dhofar 12.2%.