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Brown has assembled All New Quotes for this latest version of Presidential malapropisms and oratorical meanderings.
He can spontaneously soar to oratorical glory on the campaign trail, mesmerizing crowds without a text.
About two dozen University School fifth-graders took part in this year's oratorical program, intended to develop their public speaking skills.
Jordan was capable of captivating listeners with her powerful voice, oratorical skills, and noted for her ability to clarify complex moral issues of the day.
They also have awarded scholarships to the winners of essay and oratorical contests.
Candace Neal, of Eva, Alabama, and the United States National Winner of the American Legion Oratorical Contest will present her essay on the U.
As John Blassingame (whom Chesebrough mentions in his introduction) points out in his introduction to his edited collection of Douglass' speeches and writings, Douglass' rhetorical theory arose out of a consideration of the "total experience" of speaking, which included details of the speaking environment, the particular brand of discrimination to which he had most recently been subjected, the elements of oratorical presentation that he had most recently deemed effective in others' speeches and editorials, and his preference to address each situation directly (xxiv, xxvi).
Fraser's bestseller, Success Runs in Our Race, and is a winner of The Elks Oratorical Award.
The tone does not vary a great deal, but the style does, experimenting with being surreal, imagistic, whimsical, dramatic, reminiscent, oratorical (as in the early "Landfall in Unknown Seas"), playful in layout.
On the oratorical scale from one to Barbara Jordan, it was a three.
In junior high, we memorized and recited the Gettysburg Address before our class, and in the eleventh grade every student participated in an oratorical contest.
Without detracting from their admitted oratorical skills, it's fair to say giving a speech is easy; it's the plumbing that's hard.