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In the Covenant Chain system that linked the British through the Iroquois to a variety of First Nations, the Iroquois and British were described oratorically as 'brothers,' and relations between the Iroquois and other First Nations were depicted variously as between older and younger brothers, or between cousins, or nephews and uncles.
An audiobook of traditions of the people of Iran in any field, and oratorically speaking it has the most beautiful versified words in Persian.
Maissonat's essay theorizes the inaccessibility of Kurtz's voice (and its oratorically ambiguous after-effects) in terms of what she productively calls the "textual voice" as literary artifact.
Between 1902 and 1938 Gertrude Bonnin (also known by her self-given name, Zitkala-Sa) came to understand that the employment of pluralist rhetoric could help her to textually and oratorically combat the zeal of race-based nativist nationalism and its narrow view of "national character.