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It was her practice to pass hours either in her oratory or in her room, without either reading or praying.
She was writing, we have said, when Monsieur entered her oratory, not with red eyes or pale cheeks, but restless, out of temper, and annoyed.
He talked enthusiastically of the music at the Oratory, and said charming things about the connection between incense and the devotional spirit.
Having thus settled the sleeping arrangements to the satisfaction of all four of us, the only thing left to discuss was what we should take with us; and this we had begun to argue, when Harris said he'd had enough oratory for one night, and proposed that we should go out and have a smile, saying that he had found a place, round by the square, where you could really get a drop of Irish worth drinking.
On the Stump: Campaign Oratory and Democracy in the United States, Britain, and Australia
HAU's Oratory of the Sacred Relics, touted as the biggest relics collection in Luzon, includes the bones, hair, flesh or clothing of saints, among them Christian theologian St.
They rent Newman House, in the grounds of The Oratory Catholic Church, the cardinal's former base and setting for a shrine to the great man.
The Heritage at Risk Register, which is compiled and updated annually by campaign group Historic England, has added the Birmingham Oratory in Edgbaston to the list.
WHENEVER I visit Liverpool Cathedral, I admire the adjacent Oratory, a small temple-like structure so perfectly proportioned it would not look out of place alongside the Acropolis in Athens.
AFTER asking Delhi University colleges to celebrate December 25 as ' Good Governance Day' by organising seminars and competitions on oratory, the Ministry of Human Resource Development ( MHRD) has now, following an uproar over it, shot off another letter asking colleges to organise the function without disturbing Christmas Day celebrations.
Parishioners wept as they were told of the destruction inside Our Lady of the Angels Oratory on Greencastle Street in Kilkeel, Co Down.