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It was her practice to pass hours either in her oratory or in her room, without either reading or praying.
She was writing, we have said, when Monsieur entered her oratory, not with red eyes or pale cheeks, but restless, out of temper, and annoyed.
He talked enthusiastically of the music at the Oratory, and said charming things about the connection between incense and the devotional spirit.
Having thus settled the sleeping arrangements to the satisfaction of all four of us, the only thing left to discuss was what we should take with us; and this we had begun to argue, when Harris said he'd had enough oratory for one night, and proposed that we should go out and have a smile, saying that he had found a place, round by the square, where you could really get a drop of Irish worth drinking.
The headmaster of Oratory School, John McIntosh, criticised the absence, saying: ``I am really tough about this sort of thing.
Venetian Vespers Ex Cathedra at Birmingham Oratory ?????
Limited rooms with meals available at The Oratory. Registrations before 6/1: Tuition: $125 all sessions.
And the 11-year-old moggy exchanges Christmas cards with Princess Michael of Kent after she met him during her visit to his home at the Oratory, on the Hagley Road, in 2008.
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor celebrated mass in Birmingham Oratory for Cardinal John Henry Newman yesterday.
Fr Aidan Mullan yesterday said the attacks on St Mary's Oratory in New-buildings on the outskirts of Derry were an attack on the local community.
Joseph's Oratory unilaterally cancelled their contract to serve as hosts of this year's National Pro-Life Conference.
The Oratory at Liverpool Cathedral -an exact replica of a Greek original -is offering a rare insight into its interior as part of the four-day long Heritage open days festival.