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Every year, Orbis medical volunteers some of the world s leading eye care specialists spend their free time teaching and training health workers around the world.
Since then, IRO and Orbis have been working together to implement the directive by integrating eye care in the health facility network at all levels under the support of GERESA.
Speaking about his new role, Peter Hickson commented: "I am honoured to succeed Rob Walters as Chairman of Orbis UK.
Last week, Orbis hired investment bank Merrill Lynch as defence adviser after several confidential approaches came up.
In the mid-1970s, Ueltschi helped found Orbis and oversaw the acquisition and conversion of a DC-8 aircraft into the world's only Flying Eye Hospital, which had its first flight in 1982.
It was around this time that she first became aware of ORBIS and vowed to work for the charity "when the time was right".
Pola Orbis said it will move some manufacturing to its Fukuroi factory and will move other production operations to subcontractors.
The four-day visit of the hospital aims to lay the foundation for a strong, long-lasting partnership with Qatar as Orbis plans to explore potential youth development schemes in Qatar, an official said.
The Adac will work alongside Orbis to demonstrate its commitment to support communities and philanthropic goals, by creating awareness and exposure to the cause and its operations.
A statement from Orbis said its "opposition would only serve to prolong the process" and would likely lead to CWW adjourning today's meeting to secure the necessary votes.
Halloran noted that Orbis Global was positioned as a Leader alongside 4 of the largest IT companies in the world.
I'm sure that Orbis will build on the great success that Alphameric Solutions has enjoyed and we wish Orbis every success in the future.