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ORBIT has created a service business, not a technology business.
Only those planemos that orbit a fusor would be considered planets.
But Shepard spent only 15 minutes in space and did not orbit Earth.
It's in a ``dumb orbit,'' guided only by the laws of physics.
Orbit Al-Yawm is a contemporary Arabic entertainment and variety channel, delivering more than 35 hours of live Orbit productions per week.
Buffy's orbit has an even more extreme incline of 47[degrees], Christian Veillet of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea and his colleagues report.
Orbit Drop stores work in their community to help people and organizations sell product on eBay.
Two kinds of orbits, characterized by their relationships to the orbit of Neptune, place members of the inner part of the belt in a precarious position.
The orbit of 433 Eros becomes less and less certain as one projects it into the far future.
She notes that most extrasolar planets have elongated, rather than circular, orbits, so that their distance from their stars varies widely over a single orbit.
Instead we plan to market and sell a proprietary software package branded the Orbit Drop Associate Sales Kit, to what will be a new group of Orbit Drop Associates.