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In other eases, the dwarf remains in orbit around the two stars.
Another reason for 2003 UB313's elusiveness: This miniworld has an unusual orbit (see Planet Trek).
Just one month after launching Sputnik, the Soviets sent a dog named Laika into Earth orbit aboard Sputnik 2.
The Kuiper belt extends outward from the orbit of Pluto to about 70 times the Earth-sun distance, which defines an astronomical unit (AU).
Hillenbrand notes that the two bands of debris in our solar system--the rocky asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and the icy Kuiper belt, located beyond the orbit of Pluto--are continually replenished as the gravity of the solar system's giant planets causes debris within each of these reser voirs to tumble together and generate fresh dust.
Nicholson and Brett Gladman, now at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, were traveling to the medium-size Hale Telescope at Mount Palomar in California to search for objects in the Kuiper belt, the reservoir of comets that lies beyond the orbit of Neptune.
Analyzing Hubble observations of the white dwarf and comparing them with the radio data, Sigurdsson's team determined the mass of the dwarf and the tilt of its orbit about the pulsar.