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The muricid mollusc Dicathais orbita was collected under permit number P10/0069-1.
Lo que no se puede establecer de manera precisa son las oscilaciones que las variables puedan tener al recorrer las orbitas que puedan llegar a establecer los atractores (19).
Lenf dugumu, nazofarenks ve tonsil bolgesi, orbita ve paranazal sinusler birlikte dusunuldugunde ucuncu en sik yerlesim bas ve boyun bolgesidir.
For Orbita, who also plans to audition for Culture Shock and to go pro someday, that means a combination of perseverance and personality.
Its product, Orbita, will take on BEA Systems and Tibco, but Open Trade's managing director Ian Arundel believes that the company's experience combined with its object-based, proprietary messaging platform, will enable it to become a contender.
Danca, orbita, and jogo are favourite images of Cabral's for the way words behave in poetry.
Orbita would have marketing rights in the Caribbean and Latin America.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: consolidation and upgrading lims systems orbita.
Lugar de destino en la orbita de una mano crecida para todo irse.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and orbita was found to be normal.
Para afetar a orbita social, o mundo conceitual dessa terminologia amplia-se de acordo com a moda que dita tudo.