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The Orbital ATK components, in both the ULA Atlas V launch vehicle and satellite, utilize the latest, cutting-edge technology across multiple divisions.
To image nitrogen's outermost electron orbital, the scientists rotated and shot bunches of nitrogen molecules from 19 different angles, each 5 degrees apart.
Orbital venous malformations usually manifest as intermittent unilateral proptosis during the second or third decade of life.
In this article, we describe the case of an immunocompromised patient who had fulminant ethmoidal sinusitis with orbital involvement that was caused by Aspergillus flavus.
The second factor, orbital precession, describes the time of year in which Earth comes closest to the sun.
The medial orbital floor and uncinate process were demineralized.
Dating of calcium carbonate layers in Devils Hole suggests that the last interglacial started more than 150,000 years ago--a time that doesn't fit the orbital hypothesis.