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The orbital margins were found to be incomplete in Zovawk as also reported in tiger (Taluja et al., 2000), Pygmy hog (Kalita et al.) and Indian Wild pig (Choudhary et al., 2016).
IOM: inferior orbital margin, Na: nasion, and ANS: anterior nasal spine.
On exposure through a horizontal incision on lower orbital margin, a collection of pus was found under the periosteum.
One cm strip of frontal bone with orbital margin was left as a strut.
1); height of the supraorbital foramen that is vertical distance between the lowest point along the lower margin of the SOF and supra orbital margin; transverse diameter of supraorbital notch that is transverse distance between the lower ends of medial and lateral margins of the SON; the presence of accessory foramina, their number, location and distance from the main SON/SOF.
The first tooth is located behind the orbits, the second just above or slightly before the posterior orbital margin. The distal half is unarmed, except for the two small subapical teeth.