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Team member Jennifer Sokoloski, also of Columbia University and co-investigator on the project, suggests these data indicate the companion star plays an important role in shaping how material is ejected, presumably along the system's orbital plane, creating the pancake-shaped disk.
An asset without ORS hardware that continuously thrusts with an electric engine over a seven-day period can sufficiently change its velocity within the same orbital plane to produce a 24-hour TOT change by modifying the ground track.
perpendicular to]]([psi], [lambda]) to the orbital plane of the electrons.
5 degree tilt of the Earth with respect to its orbital plane, which gives us our seasons, was caused by the collision of early Earth with a Mars-sized object called Theia.
The planets occupy nearly the same orbital plane and on their closest approach come within about 1.
The tilt of Mars' axis relative to its orbital plane can vary dramatically.
After Saturn, Voyager 1 heads northward of the planets' orbital plane.
Seen from Earth, a planet can pass in front of its parent star once per orbit--but only if the orbital plane is aligned edge on with Earth.
The ANDE satellites, orbiting beneath the ISS, provide important validation of the RAIDS density measurements made in the same orbital plane.
Starting in late 2014, the Spanish PAZ satellite (built by Airbus Defence and Space, and owned and operated by HisdeSAT) will join the twin radar satellites TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X in the same orbital plane.
It is possible that Earth's climate could respond to the unsteady orbital plane as well as to the kinds of astronomical twitches that preoccupied Milankovitch, he says.
The Glonass payload launched Saturday into the navigation system's third orbital plane to offer positioning services from orbital slot No.