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Now astronomers have directly imaged a much more distant object orbiting HD 3651.
The TDRS satellites relay large volumes of user satellite data -- including voice, television and scientific -- from manned missions or orbiting scientific spacecraft back to ground control centers.
29, 2005 circular of the International Astronomical Union, he and his colleagues announced that they had found a second moon orbiting 2003 EL61.
The spacecraft's images should reveal whether Phoebe has the large gouge that would be expected if it had suffered an ancient collision that gave rise to a host of smaller irregulars orbiting Saturn.
Tiny deviations in the arrival time of the radio waves at Earth indicated that a compact star called a white dwarf is orbiting the pulsar.
If a planet with the same mass as Earth were placed in the planetary system orbiting 55 Cancri, it could survive there for billions of years, according to calculations by Gregory P.
The two massive planets orbiting the star would cause the rocky building blocks of an Earthlike planet to either dive into the sun or be ejected altogether from the system, Laughlin says.
Known as GRO J1655-40, this system lies 10,000 light-years from Earth and consists of an ordinary star orbiting a black hole about 6.
One system features an orbiting body so massive it may qualify as a failed star.
With the discovery last month of three more planets orbiting nearby stars, the number of proposed extrasolar planets now totals more than 50.

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