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PIT, fossa. A hole dug in the earth, which was filled with water, and in which women thieves were drowned, instead of being hung. The punishment of the pit was formerly common in Scotland.

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Playing Brat, she tumbled into the orchestra pit, which left her with the nickname Brat Pitt.
Since closing, the theatre - a Grade II listed building - has been re-wired, had new sound and lighting equipment installed, a new roof and a new removable orchestra pit.
Immediately we were offered a table right behind the orchestra pit and underneath the speakers.
A stunt-double for the title character fell about 30 feet into the orchestra pit during a performance, the FDNY said.
They also: refurbished the restrooms, revamped the orchestra pit and installed a mechanical lift, updated the box office facade, put in a new lighting system, added a media suite, refurbished back-stage rooms, installed a new fire curtain, performed HVAC work and added two new aisles to the orchestra level seats a move that means less revenue each night, but improves the experience of patrons.
Not all sopranos survive the tidal waves of sound surging from the orchestra pit in Strauss's Elektra, though on the Oct.
After presenting awards to Chilean soprano CRISTINA GALLARDO-DOMAS and Spanish baritone JUAN PONS at a gala dinner at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, he dashed downstairs to the orchestra pit to conduct Puccini's Tosca, where the aforementioned singers performed.
The Bolshoi Ballet and Orchestra required changes be made to the Emirates Palace Auditorium, where the first rows of seats had to be removed to create an orchestra pit.
We got a full tour of the Grand Theatre, including going into the orchestra pit, which not many people get to do.
He said the accident was "wholly avoidable" and there had been inadequate measures put in place warning members of the public about standing on an orchestra pit cover which gave way.
Purchasers of Founders Circle and orchestra pit tickets are invited to join Raymond Michael for a pre-performance reception.
Audience members in fancy dress had climbed onto the stage to join in a song when the stage partially collapsed, sending them 20ft into the orchestra pit.