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The company's Limelight Orchestrate Platform includes a global infrastructure with a fully integrated suite of capabilities and services to help you address all your content delivery needs.
Orchestrate offers a fully managed database service for rapid application development.
In the following example of Melissa's reading it is evident that she orchestrates a variety of strategies to derive meaning from the book Danny and the Easter Egg by Edith Kunhardt.
The Intellisync for Orchestrate software for Windows 95/98/NT PCs utilizes the Internet for 'wireless' real-time synchronization eliminating conflicting or outdated contact information between the Orchestrate service and desktop personal information management (PIM) applications.
Industry leader Orchestrate Healthcare provides unmatched healthcare consulting services in four core competencies: EMR Implementation, Integration, HIE Consulting and Staff Augmentation.
V2P can orchestrate workflows consisting of both Cisco and third-party components.
The Duke of Edinburgh was placed at the centre of the allegations as Mr al Fayed believes he ordered MI6 to orchestrate the crash that killed Dodi, Diana and their driver, Henri Paul, in Paris on August 31 1997.
We are thrilled to bring Jerry into the Orchestrate Healthcare team.
While also enhancing the availability, performance, scalability, and protection broadcasters need to effectively deliver today's burgeoning digital video content, the Orchestrate solution for Media and Broadcasters provides a strong cloud-based solution that decreases content publishing complexity and speeds time-to-market.
Winning Best in KLAS is not new to Orchestrate Healthcare.
Orchestrate Healthcare, the leader in health care technical consulting services, announced today that Nemours Children's Hospital (NCH), located within the Lake Nona Medical City in Orlando, FL, has partnered with them on an enterprise implementation of Epic for their new hospital.
Orchestrate Healthcare, the leader in healthcare technical consulting and recipient of the 2008 "Best in KLAS" Achievement Award for Technical Services, has partnered with UC Irvine Healthcare to provide technical and managerial guidance in their implementation of the Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) and eLink Interface Engine.