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This is the 13th year Puck has orchestrated the menu for this star-studded event.
The book contains eleven songs from recent movies and comes with orchestrated accompaniment tracks on both a MIDI disk and a CD.
Two years later he orchestrated it as the suite that Bolender choreographed.
Yesterday, the Shadow International Development Secretary accepted Salmond has not orchestrated the attacks - and the SNP leader urged Yes supporters to simply ignore Murphy's tour.
Each trade was orchestrated by Gehane Triarsi, sales representative, who exclusively represented the sellers:
Its interesting where the boos were coming from, all from one section, like it was an orchestrated thing,'' said Moore, ever the conspiracy theorist.
s elegantly orchestrated analysis is delivered with such rational balance that its criticisms remain innocuous.
Once visualized, the processes are better understood (via reporting and auditing) and then streamlined so the coordination of the processes is orchestrated throughout the enterprise.
Saying that it will accelerate the development of applications, infrastructure and cloud services, HP has announced the launch of an Orchestrated Datacenter (OD).
Cushman & Wake field's Metropolitan Area Financial Services Group (FSG) orchestrated the transaction involving three Class A buildings totaling 757,408 SF.
I believe personally this was an orchestrated attempt to create a crisis situation so we don't approve it,'' Close said.
Northern Ireland Office minister Adam Ingram said the violence had been orchestrated.