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Orchestrating multiple workflows from a common pool of hardware and software reduces costs and enables ongoing expansion in the amount, and variety of multiscreen video.
Senior members of the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) are orchestrating loyalist street violence that has seen police come under attack in Belfast on four successive nights, Northern Ireland's Chief Constable has said.
This includes orchestrating the full stack from physical, virtual servers, networks, storage and databases to the middleware and the application layer and automating end-to-end IT workflows across the service desk, monitoring and security operations.
Republicans were accused yesterday of orchestrating a new outbreak of violence which left 15 policemen injured.
Baadi, devotes a day and a night to orchestrating his own death.
Phone calls, overhead pages and other intrusive or less efficient methods of orchestrating care are significantly reduced.
Opalis makes available over 90 pre-built process templates based on proven best practices, including usage scenarios for IT tasks such as auto-ticketing, scheduling change management, orchestrating configuration management, and coordinating releases.
is the expert provider of enterprise software used to integrate and automate routine IT operational processes and achieve an automated data center by integrating diverse systems management tools and by rapidly orchestrating operational processes to reduce the risks and delays associated with human intervention.
As Web services become more ubiquitously used and thereby more heavily incorporated into service-oriented architectures, a common way of orchestrating these services is critical.
Using our joint solution, iWay customers can service-enable disparate environments and create business-level services, with ActiveBPEL orchestrating those services in long-running business processes.
Enabled PLM Business Processes Across the Enterprise - V5R15 increases business process visibility and agility by orchestrating cross-functional processes across multiple enterprise application domains.