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Senior members of the UVF in east Belfast as individuals have been increasingly orchestrating some of this violence - that is utterly unacceptable and is being done for their own selfish motives," said Mr Baggott.
IT decision makers recognize there are significant business agility improvements as well as cost savings to be had by automating and orchestrating a wide range of infrastructure, middleware and application provisioning and configuration activities, said Mary Johnston Turner, research vice president, Enterprise Systems Management Software, IDC.
The promise of effectively orchestrating web services, disparate data sources, and interactive end-user applications across a large enterprise is remarkable - and could fundamentally change the speed and effectiveness of IT in discovery and other key business processes - we think we have an opportunity to achieve that here," said Christopher Ahlberg, CEO of Spotfire.
Mathias Kirchmer's presentation is titled, "Process Governance: Orchestrating the Management of BPM.
Such tools work well for orchestrating coarse grained services, but where do the services that are orchestrated originate?
The inbound module synchronizes supply and demand and optimizes inventory performance for buyers and suppliers, thus orchestrating a win-win relationship.
NetWorker PowerSnap provides simple, policy-based snapshot management, integrating and orchestrating snapshots with applications, such as Oracle and Exchange.
The four-month campaign was credited with successfully orchestrating a compassionate, ethical and credible response to the crisis on behalf of all stakeholders, helping West to maintain its corporate valuation, and forging collaborative relationships that make a rebuilt factory in Kinston, North Carolina, an imminent reality.
Collaxa's WSOS is the first Java Server Page(TM) (JSP)-like abstraction for orchestrating Java Message Service(TM) (JMS) and XML Web services, enabling mainstream Java(TM) developers to solve complex business-process integration problems using emerging standards.
Each of these functions is important in realizing the benefits of orchestrating business processes throughout the enterprise, whether implicitly or explicitly defined.
states, national legislation moving through Congress, and similar initiatives being enacted throughout the world, PenOp today announced Ceremony(TM), the first software solution to provide a comprehensive, technology-neutral framework for orchestrating, authenticating and auditing any digital signing event, regardless of the signing method(s) employed.