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With CENX's Cortx Service Orchestrator real-time operations capabilities, service providers can take full advantage of SDN and NFV elasticity to satisfy customer demand for flexible, scalable data connectivity and compute resources.
CENX, Cortx Service Orchestrator, service assurance, service management, cloud, data center, network functions virtualization, NFV, software-defined networking, SDN, Lifecycle Service Orchestration, LSO, IP, Ethernet, big data analytics, OSS
Our new D-NFV orchestrator for the network edge uses open source software and standard interfaces to simplify integration with higher layer orchestrators and OSS/BSS platforms.
EdgeGenie Orchestrator helps service providers operate and transition their networks, and remain in complete control.
EdgeGenie Orchestrator enables quick deployment of vSMU on Telco Systems' CloudMetro devices and rapid execution of tests, allowing service providers to certify and guarantee end-customer Ethernet service level upon handover.
The ePolicy Orchestrator platform, perhaps the most advanced security management software in the market, integrates with non-McAfee security applications.
To deal with the ever-increasing operational complexity of user authorization, physical/virtual server relationships, storage, and network topology, ServerView Resource Orchestrator provides easy-to use self-service portal operation.
The Sound of Broadway Music: A Book of Orchestrators and Orchestration.
We chose Mortgage Cadence to be our technology partner due to their robust ELS with automation capabilities and the ability at which Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator could be modified based on our specific needs," explained Richard Ambrose, president of Standard Pacific Mortgage Inc.
If web traffic increases, Intelligent Orchestrator can de-allocate some of the processors dedicated to the protein-folding application and activate them for web serving.
The company notes that components necessary for 21 CFR 11 compliance have been part of RSI Orchestrator since the initial product design; the enhancements, though, will make compliance simpler for users to accomplish.
Adair's attorney, Richard Plotin, said he will call a witness who says the orchestrator of the attack was Mindy Shapiro, the wife of Adair's lover.