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Pollen transfer in the reward-less flowers of Orchis israelitica is achieved by mimicking the nectar supplying species Bellevalia flexuosa (Galizia et al.
Las observaciones cientificas de Morren iniciaron en la primavera de 1842 tomando como objeto de estudio a la especie Orchis bifolia (35), que estaba aclimatada en el Real Jardin Botanico de Lieja.
Dentro dessa linha, Orchis, Yung e Morales (2002) apresentam o conceito de stakeholders como grupos de interesse que se relacionam, afetam e sao afetados pela organizacao e suas atividades.
That's because, back in 2005, she appeared in an edition entitled Orchis Fatalis as Margaret Winstanley.
12 MIDSOMER MURDERS: DEATH AND THE DIVAS Wednesday January 2, ITV1, 8pm HAVING appeared as Margaret Winstanley in a 2005 edition entitled Orchis Fatalis, there's now a guest appearance from Law & Order: UK star Harriet Walter.
Orchis, the deity, turned into a flower after his death.
Showy Orchis, Showy Orchid; Woods near creek; Rare; C = 7; BSUH 16713.
Etimologicamente la palabra orquidea se asociada a los genitales masculinos, pues deriva del latin orchis, y este del termino griego [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], que significa testiculo.
See The Songs of the Orchis Tower (Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1985).
It is believed the only notable ethnic minority character has been orchid smuggler Jimmy Fong, played by actor Sai-Kit Yung in the 2005 episode Orchis Fatalis
It was noticed that higher altitudes of more than 2000 m were not suitable for the Orchis spp.