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He acknowledged as much, but said that if Catholics ordained women nothing would distinguish Catholics from other denominations.
ey will be ordained by the Bishop of Coventry the Rt Rev Dr Christopher Cocksworth.
The ceremony was to be conducted in York Minster by the Archbishop of York, the Very Reverend David Hope, just weeks after Miss Foster turned 24 - the earliest age a person could be ordained.
Reed attended a lay readers course, "which awakened in her a desire to test a vocation to the ordained ministry," said a Cariboo Contact article published in 1985.
He was ordained as a non-stipendiary minister and will carry out his church work alongside his job as a GP.
They will be ordained "permanent deacons", the first in the Diocese of Elphin in 1,500 years.
This time the swarm is over restoring the tradition of ordained women in the Roman Catholic Church.
Paul Lei Shi-Yin, who was excommunicated by the Vatican in 2011 when he was ordained a bishop without the Pope's approval and in defiance of the Holy Sees instructions of June 29, 2011, has committed a "sacrilege" by ordaining four new priests on June 29, 2012, in southwestern China.
All but one of the new deacons were ordained by the Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev James Jones, at a service held at Liverpool Cathedral which was attended by more than 1,000 people.
Tom Donn, who was ordained at Stornoway more than 78 years ago, is now the longest-ordained minister of the Church of Scotland since the Reformation 450 years ago.