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Former Senator Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos has asked the Supreme Court (SC) to defer the order for payment of the deposit for his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.
2005 on the order for payment from the state budget for the treatment of bulgarian citizens for diseases not covered by compulsory health insurance for treatment of patients with aids, tuberculosis, mental and behavioral disorders due to the use of opioid dependence syndrome 2014 "
As an exception from the general procedure in Article 40 of the CPC, a creditor may follow a shortcut for obtaining a direct order for payment from the summary court.
According to Article 143 of the CPC, if the debt owing to the creditor is proved in writing and is immediately due for payment, and if the only thing the creditor is claiming is a money debt of specified amount or a moveable of specified type or amount, the creditor is entitled to file an order for payment application in the summary court requesting immediate payment of its debt.
According to Article 145 of the CPC, if the summary judge decides not to grant the order for payment for any reason, the summary judge must refrain from issuing the order for payment, and must fix a hearing to determine the action before the competent court.
According to the CPC, the summary judge is prevented from dismissing an application for an order for payment no matter what the grounds of the dismissal are, whether linked to incorrect procedures or lack of jurisdiction, or linked to the debt.
Twenty-one of the EU-25 wanted the draft Regulation to create an EU order for payment procedure to only cover trans-national cases, say EU sources.
Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Denmark do not have a specific order for payment procedure.
Under the draft Regulation, creditors would apply for the European order for payment by using a standard form on which they state: the names and addresses of the parties, the amount involved, any applicable interest rate, and a brief description of the circumstances and at least one piece of potential supporting evidence.
If it is lodged in time, the statement of defence suspends the order for payment procedure and the case becomes a regular civil proceeding.
In order for payments to qualify as alimony, certain requirements must be met.