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The second order of business under the new management was the company's first acquisition.
The first and most urgent order of business is finding the DWP a partner to serve as a power broker - that is, an agency that can compete for customers, market excess power and get fuel at lower costs - none of which were priorities when the DWP held a monopoly.
Pinksheets:HICS) corporate spokesperson stated today that the company's newly elected board of directors held its first meeting addressing a lengthy agenda; first order of business, to take immediate actions to locate assets of the company the board believes were removed out of state with the knowledge and consent of one or more of the former board members.
Clinton said the attack in Saudi Arabia made the fight against terrorists ``our first order of business.
My first order of business has been to create a sense of urgency in the company as there are real and immediate opportunities for World Gaming and the industry as a whole," said Mackay.
As my first order of business, I have met with many of our Fortune 1000 clientele to personally introduce myself and to learn, first hand, how Creditek can expand our financial practices to better serve their needs.
My first order of business will be to coordinate a stock repurchase program of Serefex Corporation's shares.
That takes the talents and contributions of our lawyers across the nation, so I think my first order of business is to get out there and listen to my partners before setting priorities.
The first order of business is to recapitalize the company so as to be able to bring to market several exciting new products developed by my predecessor, Stephen F.
The company's first order of business will be to help improve the security and operational excellence of American airports.
We want to step in and take over where Motorola left off, and the first order of business is to put in place a stable and reliable manufacturing capability for Venus smart card products.
Working in strategic partnership with major retailers and mass merchandisers -- with whom we have so successfully marketed less expensive astronomical telescopes -- to concentrate on binoculars and spotting scopes will be Brent's first order of business.

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