order of protection

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under what conditions would they check an order of protection? would they do it just to do it? or does there have to be a reason... im not sure on the whole thing quite confused actually.


Normally they do need some reason or a request by some party etc.
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Federal law provides an "official use exemption" for law enforcement officers and/or officers employed by any department, agency, or political subdivision of the U.S., as well as active military personnel, who are subject to a qualifying order of protection. (14) This exemption permits the restrained individual to retain their official firearm while on official duty.
The ultimate question is not whether an order of protection in itself should have saved Tina Berliner, nor whether it should have required the police to do so, but instead whether those issues are subject to a review of reasonableness rather than a perfunctory assertion of municipal immunity.
(10) The heart of the IDVA is the civil remedy of an order of protection for victims of abuse.
She told the (http://www.ohio.com/news/break-news/woman-seeking-protection-order-attacked-in-summit-county-courtroom-1.368658) Akron-Beacon Journal that the very reason she was seeking the order of protection was because she was afraid.
Under the new law, "if the court is satisfied that there is any danger of the illegal use of firearms," a person subject to an order of protection must surrender his FOID card and firearms to a local law enforcement agency.
And on Tuesday cops arrested Sabourin at a Manhattan courthouse for violating an order of protection barring her from contacting 30 Rock star Baldwin and Hilaria.
14 when Pana police offices were dispatched to the residence for violation of an order of protection by an adult male.
Hudson decided to file a meritless Petition for Order of Protection in an effort to gain an unfair advantage in the custody dispute," it continued.
A judge released Sabourin, who has acted in TV and film, and issued a temporary order of protection for Mr Baldwin, the Manhattan district attorney's office said.