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There is absolutely no guarantee that whoever occupies a particular elective office in the order of succession at a given period of time will be compatible with the present administration.
49) It seems that the death of Raja Ungu's husband and her subsequent return to Patani affected the order of succession, since, in 1620, Dutch sources mentioned the queen's niece--presumably Raja Ungu's daughter with the king of Pahang, Raja Kuning--as the heiress to the throne.
This question takes on additional importance since the Cabinet, an important element in the order of succession, is generally in a state of transition at this time.
Order of succession and sexual dimorphism of morphometric variables.
The call comes in response to the reordering of the order of succession following the birth of the Earl and Countess of Wessex's son Viscount Severn.
The Imperial House Law, which stipulates the order of succession for the imperial family, limits heirs to the throne to males who have an emperor on their father's side.
Prince Joachim is included in the order of succession to the throne after HRH Crown Prince Frederik.
Ever since he successfully defeated Giuliani's clumsy attempt to alter the order of succession in yet another proposed charter revision last fall, Green has said he didn't want just to be handed the mayor's job.
He therefore reverses the order of succession, and insists that all legal forms of association other than the state derive from the state.
9) Unfortunately, a second pattern emerged, which was that the first successor tried to have the order of succession changed so that he could appoint his own son as the next caliph.
A new order of succession was adopted in 1947, and it was superseded by the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the Constitution in 1967.
Serious problems in the order of succession await anyone who intends to read backwards, from right to left, through the New Testament tradition of interpretation back to a prior Judaic one.

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