order to appear

References in classic literature ?
No sooner was she hid from him than she changed into another woman; she was now become a calculating purposeful madam, who looked around her covertly and, having shrunk in size in order to appear less noticeable, set off nervously on some mysterious adventure.
Oh, from some heartbroken waiting woman, some desponding GRISETTE; from Madame de Chevreuse's chambermaid, perhaps, who was obliged to return to Tours with her mistress, and who, in order to appear smart and attractive, stole some perfumed paper, and sealed her letter with a duchess's coronet.
However, Malik, who has been abroad since June 9 in connection with the PPP's overseas affairs, has requested an adjournment, the spokesperson said, adding that Malik will cut short his visit abroad in order to appear before the JIT.
Israeli police raided the Jerusalem residence of Tariq Hashlamon, who works as head of the Waqf information department, and handed him an order to appear before the security service for interrogation.
1 : to order to appear in court <She was cited for reckless driving.
How many people in the UK lie about what films they have watched in order to appear cool?
uk as soon as possible after the conclusion of the tournament in order to appear in our results section.
What's less well known, however, is what she had to do in order to appear pristine when prancing about in the buff.
French agriculture minister Herve Gaymard was reported to have suggested that Mr Blair exaggerated his disagreement with French President Jacques Chirac in order to appear to be standing up for UK interests.
The star was spotted clothes shopping in New York after she allegedly dodged an order to appear in court.
Don Stewart spoke out after Rod, 57, failed to cancel gigs in Europe in order to appear at Sean's recent court hearing in California.