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The Center for Information Technology Leadership defined ambulatory CPOE as a software application that supports the ordering of medications, lab tests, radiology studies, nursing interventions and referrals.
Single facilities can also recognize significant savings through a continuing relationship, even if they aren't ordering in the bulk that will merit a manufacturer's discount.
When ordering by telephone, ask the sales representative specific questions about the merchandise.
com, PubEasy provides retailers with real-time price and availability checking, order status and backorder status and electronic ordering with immediate confirmation from many of the leading book publishers.
These were the two driving forces that led the institution toward a potentially risky undertaking, one that had a tarnished and inconsistent record of success: the complete transition from paper to electronic ordering.
Bill Van Epps, Papa John's president, USA, said the sponsorship will further raise awareness and usage of the company's industry-leading online ordering site, www.
Another clinical area that has shown potential for physician order entry is the ordering of laboratory tests.
Automated data capture is fantastic, but if that information can't leverage current on-line ordering systems then it defeats the purpose," noted Robert Hossary, vice president, Americas for CipherLab.
O-Web Technologies, developer of Rascal House's online ordering system, reports that online users are twice as likely to come back as the average phone-in customer.
By offering the availability of a 24-hour customer order portal, and now a means by which to place re-orders, we have created an easily accessible tool that will save our customers' time by simplifying the ordering process.