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2 will allow us to take advantage of new, key manufacturing and distribution enhancements such as Work Orderless Processing, work order ledger, batch ship confirm and the introduction of Oracle BI Publisher and an improved document distribution," said David Bryant, Maxco's Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.
One slips out of narrative time into the brackish orderless backwash of life, fragments and hints and dimly-known things.
4) Regarding women's potential for escaping the language of the symbolic order, Julia Kristeva proposes "semiotic" language, which, derived from the pre-Oedipal mother-child unity and characterized as orderless, subversive, and heterogeneous, can embrace the world in its chaotic state and thus complicate the speaker's subjectivity: "thus poetic language making free with the language code; music, dancing, painting, reordering the psychic drives which have not been harnessed by the dominant symbolization systems .
Orderless situations are, for me, the most interesting things, and I tend to write about the finding out of order" (Kareda 49).
Processes such as billing and payment were eliminated with the introduction of an orderless system, and sales representatives don't need to visit stores as often.
Yet there is ample evidence in the Pensees themselves that the book's orderless order captures both the rhetorical problem Pascal confronted and the solution he envisaged.
Thou knowest to make the crooked straight, Prune all excess, give order to the orderless.
We do not need order to the degree conventionally required of a moral theory, but it would be psychologically impossible to have a completely random, unrelated, orderless set of moral judgments.