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But, with Japan as our destination, it was just as well; Japanese conveniences, orderliness and friendliness do not discriminate, not to travelers our age in particular.
There was an orderliness to Castle's art, and Say's beguiling compositions, which include small vignettes, reflect this.
He said the Gantimpala award will be conferred by no less than provincial director PSSupt Allan Nazaro to the above-mentioned MPS during the command conference which will be announced later, for the recognition of their exemplary display of commitment to cleanliness and orderliness and demonstrated teamwork and cooperation in the series of evaluation.
Over time, the grid and other ideal elements, "a gridded crossroads village," "its central square," or an "attempt at orderliness and regularity" became design motifs that connected these utopian experiments to each other (102).
The kitchen was the biggest room in the house, and the orderliness which prevailed there showed that whatever faults the mother possessed she was undeniably an industrious woman.
As the bankers wait for May to trigger the process and an official EU response, they monitor the negotiations for tone and orderliness.
Starting off with sound, universal advice about the kitchen, what's needed, the importance of cleanliness and orderliness in the preparation of food, and basic 'how to' instructions on cooking, "The World Is My Kitchen" goes on to present illustrated, step-by-step instructions for recipes that range from Rice and Tofu Soup; Cheese and Herb Pasties; Salmon Fish Cakes; and Cornbread; to Kiwi Muffins; Spanish Chicken; Ricotta and Spinach Lasagne; and Beef Kebabs.
Therefore, it is only fair to recognize that the patience, system and orderliness of establishment was successful in stopping and trapping the spirit of invincibility.
discipline, orderliness, thrift and educational achievement.
We are vulnerable because we don't have the orderliness and management of the refugees under control yet," (http://www.
CMA will be working closely with the Board of Imperial Bank and KDIC to ensure all material information is made available to investors to ensure the maintenance of the transparency and orderliness of the capital markets," CMA said in its news release.