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The orderly, whose feet were frozen, was thrown inside the carriage, across the general and the countess.
The master is not in, he's gone to headquarters," said Telyanin's orderly.
Major O'Dowd declared was not near so large or handsome as her fawther's mansion of Glenmalony, an officer of rank, with an orderly behind him, rode up to the market, and descending from his horse, came amongst the flowers, and selected the very finest bouquet which money could buy.
Safe and Orderly Sequential Shutdown -- in an extended power blackout, LanSafe III conducts a sequential and orderly shutdown of all network devices.
This ruling by the Court is a positive development towards our goal of shutting down this facility in an orderly manner," commented Jeffrey P.
Consisting of tiny particles arrayed in orderly patterns on smooth glass plates, such surfaces interact with light to create a strongly iridescent effect.
While the Court's opinion stated that this was to allow an efficient and non-disruptive changeover for those institutions and physicians presently using the Rally, the Court's order did not set specific terms to effect that orderly phase-out.
Stangeland will continue as full time Chairman of the Board, concentrating on an orderly transition, corporate governance issues, investor relations, certain real estate and litigation matters, and as Chairman of the Food Marketing Institute.
To get a better sense of what happens on an atomic scale, they chose to model a copper crystal, made up of orderly rows and layers of copper ions immersed in a sea of free electrons.
One of the agreements establishes an orderly procedure for reviewing disciplinary actions and includes an option for impartial arbitration.
To explain his findings, Creager suggests that iron crystals within the inner core have aligned themselves in an orderly fashion that affects the speed of seismic waves, depending on their direction.