orderly disposition

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References in classic literature ?
Drawn up and given an orderly disposition, as a rioter
The work involves an orderly disposition of wooden office furniture, postcards, stationery, a massive typewriter, and a tiny 16-mm Kiev-30 spy camera, but also some ornate tumblers and decanters, stubbed-out cigarettes, a pair of men's shoes neatly tucked in a corner.
This transaction represents the latest continuation of the selling shareholders' orderly disposition of the company's common stock that began in April 2014 when the company repurchased 1,391,089 shares of stock from each of the selling shareholders, followed by the April 2015 resale of 3,802,694 shares of the company's common stock by each of the selling shareholders of which the company also repurchased a portion.
If, knock on wood, the liquidation of PPI becomes inevitable, the IC has broad authority to name a liquidator and set the parameters for the orderly disposition of the company's remaining assets.
From July 1, 2008, through April 12, 2010, the members proceed through an orderly disposition of TC's assets and a windup of its business operations.
But in principle, the law "works in favour of everybody because it should result in a more orderly disposition, where people know what the scheme is and what's going on.
If there is an orderly disposition, competition for those companies [insurance units] will be fierce.
In order to eliminate this drastic loss the sole owner should provide during his lifetime for the orderly disposition of the business at death.
Value in exchange, on a piecemeal basis, not as part of a mass assemblage of assets, as part of an orderly disposition.
It's an orderly disposition of selected properties as it's appropriate to sell them," said Sheridan.
But for the sworn foes of cameras in the courts, the orderly disposition of the Smith case reduces to this: If you keep the cameras out, the result will be swift, efficient justice.