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ORDINATION, civil and eccl. law. The act of conferring the orders of the church upon an individual. Nov. 137.

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153) The second similarity is God's call to the ordinand, which Martimort implies was given to Phoebe but not to the candidate since the deaconess' willingness and desire is explicitly mentioned in her second prayer; (154) however, Martimort neglects to mention that the first prayer specifically asks God to "call her to the work of your diaconate," followed by the epiclesis, "and send down upon her the abundant gift of your Holy Spirit.
Though there were an increasing number of married ordinands, many with children, an ethos was maintained as though all were single men who had only one focus in their life.
To illustrate with what some may presently regard as a counterfactual example, one could ask, is it possible that the actual rite of "ordination" did no more than publicly certify that the ordinand was duly prepared for service in the presence of witnesses who testified that he had been so called and was to be entrusted with the office?
In the dvd, five people from the diocese - a Reader in training, an ordinand in training, a curate, an ordained local minister and an incumbent - speak openly about their sense of calling, their journey of response, and the ways in which God has led them since they received their call.
After demobilisation he applied for a place as an ordinand at St David's College, Lampeter, from which he graduated in 1950.
He had briefly been engaged to a German ordinand - a wedding date had even been set - but the relationship is described in the book as a "big mistake" by Peter Atkinson, a friend of Dr Williams'.
But light training has already proved too much for one middle-aged ordinand who was carried to accident and emergency after dislocating his shoulder.
Malcolm Smith, ordinand in training, a member of St.
Ordinand Marianne Osborne, 34, said: 'We've got to try to turn this negativity looming over us into a positivity.
The typical age of today's ordinand has also increased steadily from 29 years for those ordained in the 1970s, to 39 years in the 2000s, while the average age of women on the roster is younger than their male counterparts.
Dennis Baxter, 47, first-year ordinand at St Michael's College, Cardiff, said, 'My limited experience in West Wales is it seemed quite healthy,
Last week he said, ``I think if I knew that an ordinand was living with a partner at the moment, I would say the church has made its views clear.