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He finally looked like a genius who had let ordinariness in for the day.
The unvarnished ordinariness of Boga is what makes the book soar and this might offer a useful lesson to the legions of novelists who feel obliged to invent charismatic protagonists and send them on madcap adventures.
The most exciting contribution of this collection lies in the fact that the various authors engage with ways of theorizing ordinariness and agency, without always assuming that African individuals are victims.
Caine has some nice lines about life's ordinariness, such as: "Few things are more depressing than empty coathangers".
She uses ethnographic research she conducted from 2002 to 2004 with mostly married, white women in Michigan, and perspectives from cultural, medical, and linguistic anthropology, to consider the importance and meaning of ordinary pregnancy to women and men as fundamental to humans and in terms of the ordinariness of literacy, language, embodiment and perception, and material culture.
The Royal publicity machine has played on her ordinariness so well the general public thinks it can treat her as one of its own.
The Sydney family of Alistair and Eleanor Brocket and two perfectly normal children all fit together well because they aspire to a normality where ordinariness is admired and anyone who acts or appears different in any way is despised.
A key challenge for the Faculty, in my view, is to recognise and articulate the innovation and excellence that is part of the ordinariness of our practice.
Connolly, who narrates a BBC documentary on them to be broadcast next Tuesday, said: "Sometimes people arise from ordinariness, and make it extraordinary.
Facets of his life and intimate surroundings--his house, his garden, his urban environment--emerge from his brush with a singularity, vivacity, and intensity belying their ordinariness.
Her latest collection of work depicts plant subjects, chosen not for their opulence or exoticism, but for their very ordinariness and familiarity.
What is most striking about them so far is their sheer ordinariness along with the wide range of their ages, races and occupations.