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Facets of his life and intimate surroundings--his house, his garden, his urban environment--emerge from his brush with a singularity, vivacity, and intensity belying their ordinariness.
Her latest collection of work depicts plant subjects, chosen not for their opulence or exoticism, but for their very ordinariness and familiarity.
What is most striking about them so far is their sheer ordinariness along with the wide range of their ages, races and occupations.
If you take into account Arsenal's stature as one of the very best teams in the Premier League, and Ipswich's ordinariness in the Championship, it seems reasonable to conclude that in spread supremacy markets the visitors should be considered around oneand-a-half goal favourites in tonight's encounter at Portman Road.
Much of the appeal of Elizabeth Edwards was in her - for lack of a better word - ordinariness.
As for Liverpool, the sheer ordinariness of their squad is quite staggering.
The details of this canvas emphasize the ordinariness of the moment.
To be the wife of a poet" is not "romantic and fevered" but, at best, "peaceful, humdrum" Daudet records this ordinariness with a tone at times tart and documentary, at others blistering and caustic.
The ordinariness of the acts - filling her car with petrol, drawing cash, from the hole-in-the wall machine, and buying soft drinks in the forecourt shop - seemed suddenly so much more significant.
Reluctant readers will be encouraged by the shortness of the chapters and children of both sexes by the ordinariness of the narrator.
Jules truly is an average boy who comes to realize through the course of this day that, in spite of his ordinariness, he still possesses traits and abilities that allow him to be "The Man" from time to time.