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Bereits 1950 vom damaligen Ordinarius des Freiburger Musikwissenschaftlichen Seminars, Prof.
Decreto die 8 februario 2011 lato, Ordinarius paroeciam X suppressit per unionem exstinctivam cum paroecia Y, cum effectu a die 30 iunii 2011 habendo.
Pero podria decirse que Paul Christian, Ordinarius en Heidelberg y sucesor directo de von Weizsacker en la catedra, resumio de modo ejemplar lo que habia sido esa tradicion y aporto intuiciones que hoy parecen novedosas en muchas partes del mundo, simplemente porque no fue suficientemente conocida esta orientacion en Norteamerica y en otros paises.
After eight months of work, he was transferred to the General Hospital in Sabac, where he worked under contract as an ordinarius since he was a foreigner.
He spent his entire academic career in Wurzburg, rising to professor extraor-dinarius (1877), to ordinarius (1886, even then as professor "fur vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft und Sanskrit"), until his retirement (1920, although he continued to teach Sanskrit till 1928), and his death on 25 April 1932.
He is professor ordinarius at the Faculty of Applied Economics of the University of Antwerp, Honorary Professor at the University of Leuven, the Belgian War College, the School of Military Administrators and the Antwerp Business School.
Madrigal is the former dean and professor ordinarius of the Theology Faculty of the Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid and a member of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain.
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Among the speakers are: Olga Nefedova (Orientalist Museum, Doha), Sara al-Mana (Orientalist Museum, Doha), Tadeusz Majda (Professor Ordinarius, Warsaw University), Harold Lacom (writer and translator, Vienna) and Magdalena Mielnik (National Museum, Gdansk).
Lucius Ceionius Commodus, consul ordinarius in 136, was adopted that year by Hadrian and given the names Lucius Aelius Caesar, but died on 1 January 138.
I shall never forget the day when he first paid a visit to his friend Ernst Benz, the professor ordinarius, and then, surprisingly for us teaching assistants, he would also say "hello" to us at the lower end of the University hierarchy.