ordinary judgment

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6) Nor is this concern unwarranted: although the Court is correct that Medellin does not directly affect ordinary judgment enforcement, the Court's opinion increases the risk that domestic politics will influence transnational judgment enforcement in ways that harm the nation's foreign policy interests, and ultimately, its economic interests as well.
In this respect, the tax lien resembles the ordinary judgment lien that creditors obtain upon docketing the judgment.
248) Ordinary judgment creditors with docketed judgments have no lien on personal property unless they deliver an execution to the sheriff (249) or unless they obtain a turnover order or appointment of a receiver from a court.
251) Ordinary judgment creditors have no lien on personal property until they also serve an execution on the sheriff.
In No Ordinary Judgment, Nonie Sharp has a different list of people who were at the specially convened meeting where the decision was made to go to the High Court: Eddie Mabo, Nugget Coombs, Garth Nettheim, Dave Passi, Nonie Sharp, Phillip Mills and Flo Kennedy, (9) not Russell's more extensive list.
Sharp, No Ordinary Judgment, Mabo, The Murray Islanders' Land Case, Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 1996, p.
There was some very ordinary judgment by our command pl ayers in terms of distribution.
In No Ordinary Judgment, Nonie Sharp examines the passage of the case, not from a legal perspective but through observations of the legal process and its effect on the community whose lives it touched and intruded upon.
The lack of respect and understanding of the presiding judge and the lawyers was strikingly similar to that shown in No Ordinary Judgment.
In No Ordinary Judgment, Nonie Sharp reveals the limitations of the courts as a cultural institution, limitations that can make the process of asserting rights a painful and trying process.
Lispector writes besottedly about Joana, turning her into a force of nature, a Nietzschean figure whose vitality puts her beyond ordinary judgments of good and evil.
Typically attending color irrealism is the error theory of ordinary color judgment: ordinary judgments in which color is ascribed to a material object are, strictly speaking, false.