ordinary manner

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References in classic literature ?
It never seemed to me that she walked, or, at least, walked after the ordinary manner of mortals.
And I showed him an example, and sat down myself in my customary seat and with as fair an imitation of my ordinary manner to a patient, as the lateness of the hour, the nature of my preoccupations, and the horror I had of my visitor, would suffer me to muster.
He addressed me precisely in his ordinary manner, or what had, of late, been his ordinary manner--one scrupulously polite.
There were also vessels of willow and grass, so closely wrought as to hold water, and a seine neatly made with meshes, in the ordinary manner, of the fibres of wild flax or nettle.
The winter passed by in the ordinary manner in which other winters pass in this climate, being a mixture of mild, delightful days, clear sky, and invigorating sun, and of intense, cold, raw winds, and snow storms.
Other books she read in the ordinary manner, but this one differently, her lips moving with each word as if she were reading aloud, and her face very solemn.
There was no time to forward her letter in the ordinary manner by post.
She noticed that he advanced and spoke to her with a forbearing gentleness, which was more like his manner to her mother than his ordinary manner to herself.
The division of the spoils was made in the ordinary manner, by placing one of the party with his hack to the game, who named the owner of each pile.
She would speak sharply to her; then, throwing aside all the starched reserve of her ordinary manner, ask pardon, and the next instant renew the just-forgiven injury.
The preacher, a man esteemed for his orthodoxy, unfolded in the ordinary manner the doctrine of the Last Judgment.
Neighbours also said they had recently seen Osborne behaving in an ordinary manner - picking up his children from school on Friday and singing with them in the kitchen on Sunday afternoon.