ordinary run of things

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In the ordinary run of things, you can't see opponents' selections until it's too late, so there may be an intriguing stick-or-twist flavour to proceedings too if you know who you are racing: can you lump on the shorties against these muppets, bet for value, or must you swing for the fences to stand an earthly?
IN the ordinary run of things, having five babies all at once is very unlikely: the odds against having quintuplets are 40,960,000 to one.
It follows, therefore, that all space on the seat of a jockey's pants should be free for whatever advertising purposes he, or she, chooses (the area for use in this way may naturally be somewhat larger in ladies' races than in the ordinary run of things but this column cannot be expected to attempt to iron out anatomical inequalities of this sort) and that the auction of these areas, presumably in direct relation to the fame of the jockey in question, may now begin.