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ORDINATION, civil and eccl. law. The act of conferring the orders of the church upon an individual. Nov. 137.

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The question is tricky because ordination itself was understood very differently in the first millennium of Christianity.
Of the 1,032 entries, approximately one-third are from women serving as professional ministers, or seminarians, without ordination (yet), and two-thirds are women reporting their ordinations.
The 76-year-old pope, who chose Francis as his Papal name in honour of St Francis of Assisi, is a theological conservative who strongly stood for the Vatican's stand on controversial issues like ordination of women as priests, gay marriage and abortion.
After having observed this period of training, higher ordination should be requested by her from both communities, that is, from the communities of bhikkhus and bhikkhunis.
Steven Collins and Justin McDaniel conducted joint research on Thai mae chi who had received higher doctrinal education and then served as Pali teachers, and sought their opinions about bhikkhuni ordination in Thailand.
The Mexican church also considered the ordination of women to the priesthood.
Meanwhile Vice Chairman of China's state-backed church-the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, Liu Bainian said Friday that the ordination was going ahead but that the presence of other bishops at the ceremony was voluntary.
Members of Father Puljic's family came from as far afield as Croatia and Canada to witness the ordination at the Coalpool Lane Church.
Nor was it equating the ordination of women with crimes of paedophilia.
After ordination, Andrew Dowsett, Richard Gedge, Ian Greenwood, Julie Haworth, Laura Montgomery, Michael Ridge, Gareth Tracey and Philippa Wetherell will join parishes across the Diocese of Liverpool.
Bhikkhuni ordination given by Korean bhikkhu Sangha.
Meanwhile in the LCA, while an early 1968 study determined that there were no biblical or theological impediments to women's ordination, no recommendation for the same was made for fear it would threaten ecumenical fellowship.