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El canonista Javier Otaduy relaciona los requisitos para la inscripcion en el ordo con las funciones pastorales que debian asumir las viudas:
What should matter is that the liturgical ordo itself be done faithfully in our worship
Este nucleo esta formado por las sintesis historicas: el Ordo Romanorum regum (11), el Ordo gentis Gothorum (12) y el Ordo Gothorum [Obetensium] regum (13).
Lo propio de los presbiteros es el ejercicio del munus apostolicum como cooperadores del Ordo episcoporum.
The Ordo Virtutum is her most well-known composition and appears to be the oldest surviving Western opera.
7) By the time the Ordo Prophetarum was copied at the end of the twelfth century, the Glossa ordinaria had for decades been the sine qua non of textbooks for the study of the Bible.
Martha Moore-Keish focused on Christian faithfulness to the Ordo and its function as a framework upon which cultures build liturgies.
The story heats up as San Franciscan police and Colette, Hector's wife, follow the trail of the murderer and uncover a trail leading to the Colombian embassy and Ordo Novus.
If the Novus Ordo is celebrated well, it needs no defense, as Mr.
En Ordo amoris y Esencias y formas de la simpatia se afirma que comprenderemos y reconoceremos ya sea a nosotros mismos como a un individuo y a un pueblo si conocemos el sistema que articula sus costumbres, valores y preferencias.
A pyramid with a breakaway top containing the all-seeing eye and the Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum states the intent to form a one world secular government, or as politicians put it globalisation.
Author James Wasserman is a thirty-year member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, has written other books on the topic, and here provides a history of the Order and its legends and mysteries.

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