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In this area, the cochleae exposed to LA + CO + noise and 6-FP + CO + noise exhibited only an average of 3 and 4 percent OHC loss, respectively, with peak losses not exceeding 10 percent at any given step along the organ of Corti.
2+] damage to the arrangements of cochlear hair cells in the basal, middle, and apex turn in the organ of Corti from rats
Raphael and his colleagues also found nerve fibers extending toward the fresh hair cells that were outside the organ of Corti.
In Todd, Nitsch may have met his equal when it comes to the business of largeness: Organ of Corti hopes sometime next year to release the entire Six-Day-Play sound track as a thirty-CD box set.
After sacrificing the rats, we dissected the basal and middle turns of the organ of Corti (OC) under a light microscope.
6) Examination of the temporal bone revealed fibrous tissue in perilymphatic spaces and degradation of the organ of Corti in one of these patients and a loss of hair cells of the organ of Corti in some others.
An ideal treatment for permanent hearing loss would be based on the regeneration or replacement of damaged hair cells and would be directed toward the site of the lesion--that is, the organ of Corti.
Each section has many animations to help students, clinicians, and patients understand these intricate structures, from the overview of the anatomy, eardrum, ossicles, and cochlea to the organ of Corti.