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AOPO is a non-profit, national organization representing all federally-designated organ procurement organizations (OPOs).
AeroCare's Special Operations Group (SOG) is a team that specializes in transporting organ procurement teams and organs for transplant.
The reason for the tensions, according to the OIG was "inherent differences between organ procurement and tissue recovery (in urgency, prestige, and organization) can limit OPO's and tissue banks' willingness to work together.
We assess the current level of Canadian urology resident participation in abdominal organ procurement surgeries, and determine what potential capacity exists for expansion of resident involvement in these procedures.
On September 29, the organ procurement organization notified the tissue bank of the apparent HCV transmission to the kidney and liver recipients.
Donor recruitment agencies are famously aggressive, a phenomenon long observed in organ procurement.
Now people can register online on a Web site created by California's four organ procurement organizations.
The primary problem, as Hirth sees it, is that "The organizations responsible for organ procurement have escaped any meaningful performance evaluation.
There are many reasons why physicians have not been more effective in the arena of organ procurement.
Most people, including Catholics involved in organ procurement think that the process does not involve killing the donor.
B-R illustrate the social welfare implications of the three organ procurement systems via a graphical representation of the two vertically related stages involved in the production of transplant operations -- the organ acquisition stage (which yields the necessary input for a transplant operation, an organ) and the transplant operation stage produced by surgeons and hospitals.
Medicare policy has consistently supported organ procurement and transplantation as an option in the care of ESRD patients.