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An organic checkoff program would enable a large, coordinated promotion plan to educate consumers.
Organic Pioneer, Jerome Rodale: Widely considered the founder of the U.
What is, and what is not, an organic wine remains a confusing subject for consumers and a source of heated debate for industry experts.
Currently just about 10 percent of America's organic appetite is sated by imports, a percentage that is certain to grow higher.
Editor's response: As DiMatteo implies, rotenone is, or should be, used only as a last resort in organic gardening and farming.
So here is the one overriding organic rule to remember: Look past the organic label.
Before the actual inspection begins, the inspector is given a packet of information that includes a copy of the last inspection, along with the organic handling plan of the operation requesting certification.
One of the companies testing positive, albeit with trace amounts, was Nature's Path Foods, the largest organic cereal company in the world.
The organic materials driven out of the cores vary with core type and resin supplier.
Still, agriculture experts and producers who are making organic products a priority say going green is earning green.
He admits that organic farming is often more labour-intensive than conventional farming, particularly for fruit and vegetables.