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In the present study, we included no information regarding exposure to organic arsenic via the diet (fish, shellfish, rice, and wine); however, such exposure is less harmful.
Diet is a large source of both inorganic and organic arsenic for typical individuals.
In 1944, the FDA approved the first arsenic-containing animal drug, 3-Nitro (also known as Roxarsone), whose active ingredient was organic arsenic.
They used past estimates of the ratios of liver arsenic to muscle arsenic, and inorganic to organic arsenic in chickens and then factored in how much chicken U.
Determination of total arsenic, inorganic, and organic arsenic species in wine.
The human body can metabolize organic arsenic but not inorganic.
Organic arsenic occurs naturally in apple juice, and all agree it is harmless.
Studies in 2003 showed the majority of organic arsenic in roxarsone is excreted in manure, then breaks down into inorganic arsenic: a potent human carcinogen.
has initiated its second phase I study to assess safety and dosing of ZIO-101, the company's proprietary small molecule organic arsenic.
Researchers at the Universities of Aberdeen, Scotland, and York, England, have found a previously unknown organic arsenic compound in the urine of a rare breed of sheep.
Characterization of organic arsenic compounds in bivalves.
Nasdaq: ZIOP), a drug development company employing small molecule and synthetic biology approaches to cancer therapy, announced today that results from preclinical studies of darinaparsin (Zinapar([R]) or ZIO-101), a novel organic arsenic, in prostate cancer were presented at the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics, taking place November 12-16 in San Francisco.

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