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From the press, the lecture platform and even the pulpit, one frequently hears or reads amazing statements in reference to organic evolution.
An organic evolution of songwriter Monty Harper's "born to do science" program that he regularly hosts at the local library, Songs from the Science Frontier blends informal science education with a love for the funny and the funky.
'Because Cubans have been poor and have learned to live without blueprints, it needs to be a more organic evolution of state and markets working together.'
That the Theory of Organic Evolution is Based on Circular Reasoning
"When what actually took place was a slow and organic evolution of the use of these funds that the SEC was aware of the whole time." Comments on this issue are to due to the SEC by Nov.
Far from being merely a decorative element, music in the Comedy has a structural function: the pilgrim's ascent to heaven is marked by a gradual, organic evolution in terms of musical complexity.
As long ago as 1952, Philip G Fothergill, in his book Historical Aspects of Organic Evolution, published by Hollis & Carter, made this clear, and an even clearer example in the book Phenomenon of Man by the Jesuit palaeontologist Teilhard de Chardin.
"The idea that organic evolution is analogous to the way form evolves in inanimate flow systems is a novel concept that has the potential to unite perspectives and approaches across disparate disciplines.
Perhaps the most controversial tune is El Trasvesti, which closes the album and surmises that "la vida te da sorpresas." Offering a pleasant surprise of delightful dance music, this album shows Los Van Van transitioning through ah organic evolution that proves that the strongest lineage in Cuban music is family.
"Given the significant investment opportunities in the UAE's thriving property market, the establishment of Tamweel Properties & Investments represents a natural next step in the ongoing, organic evolution of this innovative company," said Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed bin Saqer Al-Nehayan, Chairman of Tamweel.
The beauty and challenge of Amoeba is that it defines itself--it's an ongoing, organic evolution. How are you going to explain that to a corporation?
In spite of the fact that Americans responses to the theory o organic evolution since 1900 have received a good deal of attention from historians in recent years, the erroneous views perpetuated in history textbooks and popular culture alike suggest that further education is warranted.

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