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Results from human studies have been inconsistent regarding the relationship between organic mercury and autol mmunity.
With this LC-ICP/MS method, inorganic and organic mercury are separated on a phenomenex synergi hydro RP C18 column after extraction of both forms with a L-cysteine solution.
The frequency of accessions showing response for the length, fresh weight and dry weight parameters of the seedlings varied significantly, for instance, taking root length as a parameter while about 28% accessions were tolerant to organic mercury, only about 4% and 8% of the accessions were tolerant for selenium and lead, respectively.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Staff Home Pages, Environmental Sciences Division, "Steve Lindberg, Recent Research Projects: Airborne Organic Mercury Emissions From Municipal Solid Waste Landfills," <http://www.
Blood levels of total and organic mercury in residents of the upper St.
In water, inorganic mercury can be combined with carbon to form organic mercury compounds through the action of aquatic microorganisms (ATSDR, 1999; U.
In utero exposure to mercury in environmental accidents, especially organic mercury, has been associated with brain damage and pediatric diagnoses such as cerebral palsy--but not autism.
Allen seems to think that all forms of mercury are interchangeable, including elemental mercury; inorganic mercury compounds such as calomel, which is mercury (I) chloride, and mercury (II) chloride; and organic mercury compounds.
Organic mercury compounds are made up of inorganic or metallic mercury that has been changed by microorganisms and enzyme reactions in human blood.
The plan is to "phyto-remediate" land by planting GM trees that take up ionic mercury or organic mercury and convert it to less toxic elemental mercury, which can then be expelled into the atmosphere where it is supposed to become less harmful.
Thimerosal is an organic mercury compound used widely in the 1990s as a preservative in vaccines, especially in multidose packages.
Metallic mercury, the silver fluid once used in thermometers, can become more dangerous than organic mercury when released into the ocean, he said.

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