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In contrast to inorganic species, organic mercury is lipophilic and more readily crosses cellular membranes, but it may demethylate intracellularly to inorganic mercury (Clarkson and Magos 2006), which may ultimately be more immunotoxic.
The behavior of the accessions for the effect of three heavy metals on Active Mitotic Indices (AMIs) and Total Mitotic Anomalies (TMAs) were significantly different, while in about 98% accessions lead could not produce adverse effects on AMI, selenium could not do the same in about 38% and organic mercury in about 48%.
Blood levels of total and organic mercury in residents of the upper St.
In water, inorganic mercury can be combined with carbon to form organic mercury compounds through the action of aquatic microorganisms (ATSDR, 1999; U.
In utero exposure to mercury in environmental accidents, especially organic mercury, has been associated with brain damage and pediatric diagnoses such as cerebral palsy--but not autism.
143) It can detect metallic and inorganic mercury exposure, but because organic mercury is not excreted from the body in urine, the urine test cannot detect organic mercury.
Organic mercury is absorbed up to 90 percent in the gastrointestinal system.
Thimerosal is an organic mercury compound used widely in the 1990s as a preservative in vaccines, especially in multidose packages.
Grain treated with an organic mercury fungicide was the source of contaminated bread.
Metallic mercury, the silver fluid once used in thermometers, can become more dangerous than organic mercury when released into the ocean, he said.
Methylmercury, formed by the interaction between bacteria and mercury in the water, is the most common organic mercury and is of interest because it can contaminate seafood, building up in the tissue of fish.

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