organic remains

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"The soils tend to be very acidic, which often makes the preservation of organic remains very poor.
However, the report pointed out that organic remains a niche area in the market, accounting for only 2 percent of total health and wellness packaged food value last year.
He also added that the analyses of these organic remains will be carried out using the latest technologies in conjunction with exploring the unexcavated areas.
Organic remains an in-demand claim in the produce department, even as organic choices are popping up across the store.
"Garden Organic remains committed to looking at all options available to us for the Ryton site as we look to release much needed funding to increase our work to promote organic gardening regionally and nationally.
There were all sorts of interesting stuff like organic remains which reveal how people were living and what they were doing.
But underneath the sand, researchers have found organic remains of plants and animals that can only be found in or near freshwater sources.
Remarkably, this specimen retains preserved organic remains, and these are under continuing investigation, said Bevitt.
Still, organic remains a niche segment, accounting for 8% of produce sales, with usage skewing to more affluent shoppers and families with children.
Paris: Scientists said Tuesday they have discovered what appear to be red blood cells and collagen fibres in dinosaur bones, a find that may boost prospects of prising organic remains from a much wider range of fossils.
The itty-bitty fossils may also retain some of the oldest preserved organic remains found.
"That suggests to us that other dinosaur fossils might have organic remains," ( Reisz told Nature .