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A generic term for any type of group or association of individuals who are joined together either formally or legally.

The term organization includes a corporation, government, partnership, and any type of civil or political association of people.

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- managing performance: Embed the values and image within the organisation's operations to ensure that the way an organisation operates lives up to the values it endorses.
- managing reputation: Organisational reputation is formed by stakeholders reassessing their "image" of an organisation based on the individual's experiences of its operations.
This in mind, does it matter if an organisation separates the management of its brand and reputation between different functional divisions?
To be successful in developing coherent and consistent values and embedding those values into an organisation's operations, brand and reputation management needs to be driven centrally in an organisation, because:
If different messages are communicated to different groups, then these individuals will see inconsistencies in what an organisation says.
Reputation management is also about ensuring that an organisation's values are reflected in its operations.

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