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St Martin's Church in Brighouse will host the concert with guests organists Robert Gower and Martin Singleton.
Paisley Baptist Church, which has an original Victorian organ, has been in touch and the organist there says he can also arrange for me to play other organs in Glasgow.
And although serving as borough organist - though not offi-cially appointed as such until 1954 - was perhaps the culmination of his success as an organist, it was a fitting climax to his life-long experience at the keyboard.
March 7: Barbara Baird, organist at First Congregational Church and on the harpsichord faculty at the UO, playing Girolamo Frescobaldi, Franois Couperin, J.
James said: "It is a great privilege to welcome so many organists to Durham.
This is a wonderful collection for any organist to have on hand (or foot)
Bryan thinks that other churches facing the dearth of organists and organs should consider technological alternatives.
The Young Organists Concerts series forms part of the wider music program of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation, which seeks to instil youngsters with the importance of a good musical education as a fundamental element in promoting cultural values.
TWO concert organists will be playing in the 15th annual series of autumn organ recitals at St Mary Magdalene's Church in Lillington.
There is one organist at Bushbury who even joins in with the singing when there's a small congregation.
Graham Gladden, the church organist, said: "Dave first played our organ when we opened the church for Heritage Weekend and people were coming in from the street to listen.
A distinguished panel of experts will judge the competition including Paul Jacobs, Chair of the Organ Department at The Juilliard School; Thomas Murray, Professor of Music at Yale University; Oliver Condy, Editor of BBC Music Magazine; Sophie-Veronique Cauchefer-Choplin, Titular of the Grand Orgue of Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle in Paris; and Peter Richard Conte, Grand Court Organist of the renowned Wanamaker Organ and Principal Organist at Longwood Gardens.

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