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A generic term for any type of group or association of individuals who are joined together either formally or legally.

The term organization includes a corporation, government, partnership, and any type of civil or political association of people.

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They deserve to be backed up by a supply system that has a clear chain of command, is organizationally coherent and looks like it was designed on purpose.
ORGANIZATIONALLY SPONSORED COACHING Organizationally sponsored coaching is, or should be, quite different from coaching that is provided privately to individuals, often referred to as "life" coaching.
Does being organizationally independent mean the Naval Audit Service can audit whatever it wishes?
The organization has a number of position papers regarding online counseling and serves as an avenue through which counselors can support one another in their efforts, organizationally defend the practice of online counseling, and has researched and disseminated Suggested Principles for the Online Provision of Mental Health Services.
"She was successful, and the department is now one of our most stable both financially and organizationally," Denham says.
With no current commodity unified organizationally in such a manner, this progressive and potentially successful platform has materialized as QUALISOY[TM].
"The two products may have been together for some time, but now we're organizationally together which should benefit the end user," says Rodney Winger, founder of TDC.
The field detachments are now aligned functionally under NAVSUP's Assistant Chief of Staff (ACOS) for Navy Family Support, but organizationally assigned to the FISCs for management.
It's something at the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant, a $560-million, 1.9-million-[ft.sup.2] plant that General Motors personnel architected--physically, organizationally, culturally--on its Global Manufacturing System (GMS), a plant that is producing two Cadillac models, the CTS and the 5RX, cars that are to contemporary vehicles what Lansing Grand River is to contemporary manufacturing practices.
Much further thought and imagination is needed both organizationally and three dimensionally.

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