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A generic term for any type of group or association of individuals who are joined together either formally or legally.

The term organization includes a corporation, government, partnership, and any type of civil or political association of people.


(Association), noun affiliation, alliance, bloc, club, coalition, combination, community, company, corps, coterie, establishment, faction, federation, foundation, group, institute, institution, joint concern, league, reipublicae forma, school, sodality, syndicate, troupe
Associated concepts: charitable organization, de facto orranization, domestic organization, labor organization, nonnrofit organization, political organization


(Structure), noun arrangement, build, classification, composition, configuration, conformation, constitution, construction, descriptio, design, figuration, figure, form, formation, framework, grouping, interrelation of parts, makeup, manner of construction, order, plan, regularity, scheme, shape, style of arrangeeent, systematization, temperatio
See also: arrangement, array, association, attribution, body, building, bureaucracy, business, campaign, cartel, centralization, chamber, citation, classification, committee, company, complex, composition, concern, connection, content, corporation, denomination, development, disposition, distribution, enterprise, facility, firm, form, formation, institute, institution, league, management, method, order, practice, procedure, regulation, scheme, society, sodality, structure, syndicate, system, union
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Hypothesis 1: The self-employed will have a higher level of job stress and burnout than the organizationally employed.
The NFMTs are aligned functionally under NAVSUP's Assistant Chief of Staff for Navy Family Support, but organizationally assigned to the FISCs for management.
Empowering token women leaders: The importance of organizationally legitimated credibility, Janice D.
The first, proactive step involves preparing the school, organizationally and educationally, for dealing with violence.
Kansas is one of the states in which TANF and VR organizationally reside under the same umbrella agency.
Organizationally, humanism is largely identified with the American Humanist Association, the American Ethical Union, the Council for Secular Humanism, the Society for Humanistic Judaism, and smaller groups.
In short, the possibility for an ideologically and organizationally independent labor movement to break away from the tutelage of what we now call "narrow nationalism" would seem to have been much greater on the Arab than on the Jewish side.
It was an arrangement which allowed for the tight control and sharp focus which very naturally flows from a situation where employees carry out their job duties while wearing organizationally sanctioned blinders.
And the Democratic Party has become organizationally and intellectually enfeebled.
Culbert, management professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, wrote in "Mind-Set Management: The Heart of Leadership," "The alignment model tells us that people are motivated to scrutinize your message for feedback and advice when they see your actions aimed at helping them to feel self-competent, organizationally productive and externally valued - the three requisite conditions for their empowerment.
A CEO must be able to cope with adversity as his or her company undergoes structural change, either organizationally or in its markets.

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