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A generic term for any type of group or association of individuals who are joined together either formally or legally.

The term organization includes a corporation, government, partnership, and any type of civil or political association of people.


(Association), noun affiliation, alliance, bloc, club, coalition, combination, community, company, corps, coterie, establishment, faction, federation, foundation, group, institute, institution, joint concern, league, reipublicae forma, school, sodality, syndicate, troupe
Associated concepts: charitable organization, de facto orranization, domestic organization, labor organization, nonnrofit organization, political organization


(Structure), noun arrangement, build, classification, composition, configuration, conformation, constitution, construction, descriptio, design, figuration, figure, form, formation, framework, grouping, interrelation of parts, makeup, manner of construction, order, plan, regularity, scheme, shape, style of arrangeeent, systematization, temperatio
See also: arrangement, array, association, attribution, body, building, bureaucracy, business, campaign, cartel, centralization, chamber, citation, classification, committee, company, complex, composition, concern, connection, content, corporation, denomination, development, disposition, distribution, enterprise, facility, firm, form, formation, institute, institution, league, management, method, order, practice, procedure, regulation, scheme, society, sodality, structure, syndicate, system, union
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ORGANIZATIONALLY SPONSORED COACHING Organizationally sponsored coaching is, or should be, quite different from coaching that is provided privately to individuals, often referred to as "life" coaching.
2004; Robinson, 1995), there are only a few studies in existence which compare the self-employed with organizationally employed individuals on some important outcome variables (Chay, 1993; Eden, 1975; Jamal, 1997; Jamal and Badawi, 1995; Rahim, 1996; Thompson, Kopelman and Schriescheim, 1992).
The NFMTs are aligned functionally under NAVSUP's Assistant Chief of Staff for Navy Family Support, but organizationally assigned to the FISCs for management.
2] plant that General Motors personnel architected--physically, organizationally, culturally--on its Global Manufacturing System (GMS), a plant that is producing two Cadillac models, the CTS and the 5RX, cars that are to contemporary vehicles what Lansing Grand River is to contemporary manufacturing practices.
Much further thought and imagination is needed both organizationally and three dimensionally.
This is a cost saving move for the company and makes sense organizationally as well.
Sampler studies the impact of technology on companies of all sizes -- with a proclivity towards telecom and digital -- on three levels: how industries change, how companies change strategies and how companies change organizationally.
My personal take is that time has passed them by, organizationally.
The result is repetitive, organizationally cumbersome, and inexcusably lengthy.
Organizationally, the TEAM includes the Naval Air Systems Command Headquarters, Naval Air Warfare Centers (Aircraft and Weapons Divisions, Logistics Support Activities, and three depots) and the Program Executive Offices (Joint Strike Fighter; Tactical Air Programs; Air Anti-Submarine Warfare, Assault, and Special Mission Programs; and Cruise Missiles and Joint Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).
Kansas is one of the states in which TANF and VR organizationally reside under the same umbrella agency.

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