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of women and children, including involvement of Asian organized crime
This is a two-volume reference providing an overview of organized crime and related issues around the world.
9) Slowly but surely, the Canadian diamond industry will become more stratified, with new cutting and sorting facilities and distribution networks that will afford both new and, perhaps, the greatest opportunities for organized criminal exploitation.
Toni drove patients, helped to sort and distribute Christmas gifts to patients, organized art projects for residents, and assisted residents with physical exercises.
Understand how your customers are organized and the degree to which they utilize global or regional sourcing strategies.
I organized this image around these contrasting rhythms, creating a "musical manuscript" of headless salmon.
Despite these changes, African American representation in union leadership, discrimination in hiring and promotion, and training for highly skilled jobs remain problem areas for organized labor.
com)-- The Be Organized Box's very first Launch Box includes 7 staple items recommended by expert organizer Monica Friel to help start off 2016 in the most organized way possible.
This study is grounded in the considerable body of scholarship examining the link between international criminal law and the establishment of new judicial competences relating to organized crime, the role of organized crime and gang violence as potential threats to international peace and security, and the developing awareness of the transnational dimensions of organized crime.
From problems common to organizing to a historical survey of injustices and how they can be corrected, ORGANIZE offers a range of perspectives and will especially reach college students and activists with keys to success, failure, and expanding an organized movement.
When Gharbi told Ergun that they did not have any organized industrial zones in Tunisia, Ergun took Minister Gharbi to the Sincan Organized Industrial Zone in Ankara.

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