organized body

See: federation
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The soldiery from Zodanga were the only organized body of Heliumetic troops within the temple, so Zat Arras was confident that his orders would be obeyed, but I do not think that he looked for the opposition that was raised the moment the soldiers advanced toward the throne.
Are you aware, my lord, that mendacity is an organized body, a kind of association of those who have nothing against those who have everything; an association in which every one takes his share; one that elects a leader?
s chapter on Cathars, for instance, neglects recent scholarship that suggests that "Cathars" were more the construct of the inquisitorial imagination than an organized body of dissenting laity.
Chemists Wittcoff, Reuben (1934-2012), and Plotkin present the technology of the organic chemicals industry as an organized body of knowledge so that both neophytes and experienced practitioners can see the broad picture.
Army as a well organized body of expertise designed to respond to the needs of the combat comander, a doctrinal awakening championed by Lt.
The NBA, for the last 83 years - oftentimes against formidable opposition - has advanced the cause of minority banking when no other organized body would make the survival and prosperity of minority banks a priority.
They do not belong to any organized body but are just part of a criminal gang that stealing vehicles to sale it in some neighboring countries, he said.
It is a language and a science, a systematically organized body of knowledge of movement.
The group consists of 10 experts, mostly former ASEAN politicians and diplomats, tasked with formulating an ASEAN Charter, a legal instrument that binds the now loosely organized body into a rules-based legal regime.
Despite our medical science, advancements in transportation and telecommunications, internationalized economies, and ideas of a "global village," we humans are far from functioning as an organized body or a global brain when large-scale responses are called for.
Overall adoption reform efforts may not have an organized body behind them, but the Software & Information Industry Association is embarking on an effort to get their perspective heard.
These core area icons represent the fourteen essential areas of the organized body of knowledge for camp management.

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