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With Schwarzenegger turning to wealthy and corporate donors to fund his drive for constitutional amendments, organized labor can capitalize on a guaranteed membership base - whose dues are deducted directly from their paychecks - to finance an opposition campaign that has already included a barrage of radio and television advertising and crowds of protesters at many of the governor's appearances throughout the country.
These days, however, the impact of organized labor on society has been mixed.
The Team San Jose Board of Directors is composed of local hospitality industry stakeholders, including hoteliers, organized labor, cultural arts groups, downtown business leaders and the San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Gray Davis and the impact that will have on organized labor.
United Transit Systems' partnership with organized labor offers substantial long-term regional commitment.
The two major Democrats in the recall campaign are using Labor Day weekend to reach out to organized labor, one of the biggest forces in the Democratic Party.
March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Citing specific cases that shortchange the New Mexico taxpayer and drive down the wage and living standards of the state's workers, organized labor representatives in Albuquerque are calling for action against out-of-state contractors whose business practices are harmful to New Mexico.
Most often, one thinks of management and organized labor as an adversarial relationship -- and most often, one would be right.
Leaders of organized labor - one of the most reliable Democratic constituencies - said they would continue to back Davis.
I am pleased by strong early bipartisan support and backing from law enforcement and organized labor.
Fisher's entrepreneurial background and expertise in serving trustees in the collective bargaining environment spans the spectrum of organized labor from cannery workers, delivery drivers, parking lot attendants, stage, graphic design and theater workers, plumbers and pipe fitters.
A group called Latinos Against the War on Iraq organized the event, and its support came mainly from organized labor and student groups, according to Montes.

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