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The latest Pocket PC software includes an improved set of organizer capabilities, and adds a Web browser, programs to play video clips and MP-3 music, and ``Cleartype'' technology to better read electronic books.
Simpliciti's Home Organizer is the first product to bridge the gap between expensive, business-oriented personal digital assistants (PDAs) and single-user, tiny-screen electronic organizers.
An organizer told the Dallas Morning News that O'Neal abstained because he objected to the Rawlings insignias on the uniforms (O'Neal is loyal to his own sponsors), but O'Neal insisted that was not the case.
After years of listening to friends and colleagues suggest she become a professional organizer, she found her calling when she learned of an opportunity with Major Organizers[R].
In this regard, an important meeting of District Peshawar Members was held in the Provincial Secretariat on Monday which was chaired by Peshawar Organizer Arbab Nisar Khan and Deputy Organizer and MPA Mehmood Jan.
Even though you're pressed for time, you can benefit by ending these meetings with a simple question: "How did you like the tax organizer that you received from our office?
Q A I was watching a television show that profiled a professional organizer.
China's largest pharmaceutical company and Reed Exhibitions (Norwalk, CT), the world's leading exhibition organizer, have agreed on a major joint venture in the Chinese exhibition industry.
As an organizer of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective annual conference and a longtime women's health advocate, she says, "I didn't want our discussion derailed talking about white women again.
Regardless of the educational level or context, the advance organizer (graphic organizer) is a tool that helps the learner connect the known to the unknown and remember the knowledge gained.
I feel like pride probably started off 30 years ago similar to the dyke march," says Cat Julia, a 26-year-old organizer of the Chicago event.